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Windows 7 Professional Description

Windows 7 it’s today’s most popular operating system around the world. Improvements were made on the previous operating system from Microsoft while maintaining software and hardware compatibility. Among Windows 7’s new features are suport for virtual hard disks, improved loading performance, better support for multi-core processors, kernel enhancemets, new version of Windows Media Center, better media features, Windows PowerShell and many other exciting things. New items were added to Control Panel like Workspace Center, Credential Manager, System Icons, Display.

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Windows 7 Professional Free Download Full Version ISO 32 / 64 Bit
The taskbar received huge visual changes and the old quick launch menu has been replaced with the ability to add applications to taskbar. On the far right of the taskbar, towards the end, you have a small rectangle button that allows you to jump directly to your desktop. The notification area has been changed while keeping the standard icons, Volume, Action Centre, Network and Power. If you have other running applications you can chose if you want their icon to show or not in this area.

Download Free Windows 7 Professional Full Version ISO 32 & 64 Bit

The XP Mode will bring all the advantages of a newer PC but with the compatibility of the older operating system, XP, in order to run software designed for it. Basically, the XP Mode is a virtual Win XP machine that’s able to run while in Windows 7.
To be able to run XP Mode you must have a processor which supports virtualization.
You will also be able to access your attached usb devices, cd drive, printers connected to your computer while you run XP Mode. File sharing between the two operating systems is also possible.

Main Features

  • Better TaskBar/Start menu
  • Lower hardware requirements and better speed than Vista.
  • Improved desktop responsiveness.
  • Far better compatibility than Vista.
  • Improved Search Tool.
  • Easy to install and configurate.
  • Basic drivers for networking already included in the pack.
  • Better User Account Control.
  • Faster boot time.
  • Parental Controls.
  • Windows XP Mode.

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Windows 7 comes equiped with all the features needed for regular users and business, also with amazing media and entertainment center from the Home Premium edition.
You will also be able to run native Windows XP software by using the Windows XP Mode implemented in this edition of Win7.

Another cool feature is Windows Easy Transfer which helps you move folders, files, system and application settings from a computer to another.
You can use this feature if you want to move from a old pc to a newer one or adding a second computer. If you don’t know what files, folders, settings to transfer, use the Selective Restore tool to save all your important information from the old pc to a removable storage device. You will need to have the same version of Easy Transfer on all computers that take part to this transfer.

One of the main benefits of Win7 is the ability to work with big numbers of files and applications at the same time without causing crashes.

The new Windows Explorer allows you to see file previews in order to throw an eye at its content making even faster user productivity.
New buttons were added to simplify easy tasks like sorting files on your own criteria.

Installing devices and printers it’s easy because the operating system will download and install required drivers automatically. You can find your installed Devices and Printers in the same location now.
The new Live Messenger makes easier the duty of connecting to your friends, groups by chat, audio or video. You can change your profile settings like picture, background, status, signature whenever you want.
Parental Control allows you to manage what your kids are allowed to do on the computer. You can whitelist games that can be played, applications that can be used, the time interval on which the child is allowed to use the computer. Web monitoring is also implemented to manage contacts and websites that can be browsed by your kids. You can also create a full report to see what your child did while he was at the computer.
In the older versions of Windows, notifications used to be only pop-ups messages, now you can see them using Action Center. The Action Center is a new Control Panel tool which informs you about your systems tasks and problems. It’s main reason is to keep your computer safe and fast responding by offering easy ways to fix issues and making settings regarding UAC. Hower your mouse pointer over the Action Center icon located in the right side of your taskbar to see what kind of issues/notifications you have. You must click the icon or click the issue/notification to launch the menu which offers options to fix them.
Expect things regarding system security and diagnostics, backup and restore, user account control, windows update and defender.

The new Media Player supports more media formats offering a better experience than previous versions. It plays formats like WMV, WMA, MPEG-4, iTunes non-copyrights formats, DivX, XviD, AVI, MOV and high-definition formats.
If you submit a file format that is not supported it won’t show up in the music or video library.
You have easy access to your media by going to the Start Menu and choose Media Player.

Windows 7 Professional 32 & 64 Bit ISO Download

Setup Details

  • Setup size 32 bit: 2.38 GB
  • Setup size 64 bit: 3.09 GB
  • Setup type: Windows 7 Professional Free Download Full Version ISO 32 / 64 Bit
  • OS platform: 32 / 64 bit
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Filename 32bit: DigitalRelatedCom-Win7_Pro_SP1_English_x32.iso
  • Filename 64bit: DigitalRelatedCom-Win7_Pro_SP1_English_x64.iso
  • MD5 Checksum for 32bit iso: 0BFF99C8310BA12A9136E3D23606F3D4
  • SHA-1 for 32bit iso: D89937DF3A9BC2EC1A1486195FD308CD3DADE928
  • MD5 Checksum for 64bit iso: ED15956FE33C13642A6D2CB2C7AA9749
  • SHA-1 for 64bit iso: 0BCFC54019EA175B1EE51F6D2B207A3D14DD2B58
  • License: Free Trial

System Requirements

  • Processor: 1GHz or faster for 32-bit CPUs or 64-bit CPUs
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM for 32-bit or 2GB RAM for 64-bit
  • Hard Drive space: 16GB free hdd space for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • Optical drive/USB

Windows 7 Professional Free Download Full Version ISO 32 / 64 Bit

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