Code Blocks Free Download Latest Version

Code Blocks Free Download 2016 Edition latest version 16.01 for Windows 32/64 bit. Get Code Blocks offline setup, standalone installer. Code Blocks is a popular free and open-source integrated development enviroment with support for many free compilers. Code Blocks Description This application is available for multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and a few others. The […]

SpeedFan Download Latest Version

SpeedFan Download latest version 4.52 for Windows 32/64 bit. Get SpeedFan offline setup, standalone installer. SpeedFan is an advanced application which provides temperatures, fan speeds and voltages monitoring. SpeedFan Description You can also see the temperature of your hard disks and even change the speeds of your connected fans. The fan speed control is made by accessing […]

Glary Utilities Pro Free Download Full Version

Glary Utilities Pro
Glary Utilities Pro Free Download 2016 Edition latest version 5.56 for Windows 32/64 bit. Get Glary Utilities Pro offline setup, standalone installer. Glary Utilities Pro is a compilation of many tools which scans your sistem for multiple issues and tries to fix them as automatic or with user input. Glary Utilities Pro Description The user interface is […]

Glary Utilities Free Download

Glary Utilities Free
Glary Utilities Free Download 2016 Edition latest version 5.56 for Windows 32/64 bit. Get Glary Utilities offline setup, standalone installer. Glary Utilities Description Glary Utilities is a pack of multiple tools designed to fix different issues with your computer. You can use this application to improve the performance and security of your operating system.The user interface […]

VirtualBox Free Download Full Version

VirtualBox Free Download latest version for Windows 32/64 bit. Get VirtualBox offline setup, standalone installer. VirtualBox is a virtualization application which can run on both Intel and AMD processors. VirtualBox Description It allows the creation of virtual environments where you can run Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris operating systems. You have the ability to create how […]